Wright Brothers

Controls & Automation

Wright Brothers’ controls and building automations allow you to digitally control your HVAC/R system. Controls allow you to set timers on your climate control system, choose which areas to cool and heat, and reduce unnecessary usage to save energy. Wright Brothers pursues the best value for each customer by designing to current industry standards and applicable codes while maximizing benefit from building systems through creative design.

Wright Brothers offers a wide range of controls and building automation services including:

One-Time Projects

Certified technicians modify or troubleshoot any problems with faulty or outdated control or building automation unit. The repairs save money by targeting the problem at the source and preventing customers from installing costly new control and building automation equipment.

New Installation

Wright Brothers technicians work with your business to install up-to-date controls and building automation systems quickly and efficiently. Wright Brothers only installs high quality control and building automation units to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

On-Site Mechanical Services

Certified technicians travel to your business to perform localized repairs on controls and building automation units. Wright Brothers will work closely with your business to outline a repair plan that is quick, quality, and cost-effective.